Crew of the Betty

1. Crew of the Betty - Background

(L-R: Christie, Sabra Hillard, Johner, Frank Elgyn, Call, and Vriess.)


One of the things I love about the much maligned Alien: Resurrection is how the crew is such a prototype for the Serenity crew, right down to a captain with a cowboy’s slang and a tough-guy with a girl’s name. Drawing this crew out of nothing but fondness is what inspired my ‘Motley Crew’ series.The Betty’s crew fit right into the ‘Verse, but don’t expect them to be quite as principled as the more famous inhabitants.


Frank Elgyn and Christie are co-owners of The Betty. They’ve got Sabra Hillard to fly her, Vriess to keep her running, and Johner to help kill anyone who gets in her way. They’re probably to be found dropping off a cargo of bright young students for the Blue Sun corporation to experiment on or hiring out as mercenaries – anything as long as they get their payday. But the recent addition of activist-with-a-secret Call to the crew as assistant Engineer might bring a sliver of morality to the old warhorses – if they don’t get killed first.


The Motley Crew series started out with my desire to draw Elgyn’s mercenaries from the far underrated Alien: Resurrection. It progressed to drawing other Whedon-related science fiction characters in a style that lets them fit into the ‘Verse as established in Firefly/Serenity and has since expanded to any motley science fiction crew. My only remaining rule: the original property should not be ‘uniformed.’ (That makes them less than motley)

The Semi-Canon Crews series follows the Motley Crew ongoing. The Firefly comics continue to be worthwhile, but I feel like they are focusing too strongly on the original crew of Serenity, who could honestly use a rest. The ‘Verse is a rich place, with many wonderful corners to explore. Why not dive in to the adventures of these semi-canon crews?


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