Character Redesigns for Crew of the Bebop

Bebop Crew2

Like the Crew of the Betty, the Crew of the Bebop required almost no adjustment of their outfits in order to fit into the ‘verse. Faye, Ed, and Ein to come.

You haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop? Go see it! Go see it now.

Bebop Crew


Character Redesigns for Crew of the Righteous Indignation

RighteousIndignation II

Finally finished the rest of the Crew of the Righteous Indignation, teen wunderkind engineer Wu Li and the ship’s resident cro-magnon marine, Bruiser.


You can see the original versions of these two here:

bruiser 652640-willy_duwitt_large


It was fun and simple redesigning ‘Willy Dewitt’s’ outfit and aging him up a bit, but Bruiser was pretty hard. Previous attempts I’ve seen have made him black, but I felt that was a little problematic. I also had a little bit of trouble making a truly muscular character, which was a nice stretch for me.