The Medusa – Hangar Deck C2 – draft

Medusa Layout - New 019

Hangar Deck C is so large I have 3 levels to depict. This is about 40ft above the deck and the edges are lined with catwalks.

Rear hangars 02 and 03 contain launch bays for our warthogs (jeeps) and mines, allowing the Medusa to launch them on the fly without landing. The whole massive bay doors don’t have to open for this.

Upper freight bays, the tops of the massive fuel tanks, and the missile loading system are included on this level, as well as more service bays at the prow for the guns.

At the front of the primary drive is a platform from which the bay can be surveyed and the winches and crane mechanisms controlled. A small Deck Chief’s office is located here as well.

Fuel tanks B2 and A2 are empty at the moment, but nearly double the Medusa‘s fuel capacity for ultra-longevity. Atmo thrusters have been moved to this level, which is the ship’s widest point.

Each square in these depictions if 40ft by 40ft. A firefly class ship would be about 5 squares long and 3 wide, meaning that at least two would fit in the main bay, and they could narrowly squeeze into Hangars 02 and 03. One could probably even squeeze in through Bomb-bay 01!


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