The Medusa – Hangar Deck C3 – draft

Medusa Layout - New 020

Final level of the Hangar Deck C(3), about 80ft above the main deck. At this level, most of deck C has ended into a network of service tunnels for the primary pulse drive and the ship’s many double-redundant mechanical functions, but the main part of Hangar 1 is still up there (on the right) and surrounded by a second set of catwalks.

The catwalks also provide access to the lower parts of Hangars 4 and 5, which are depicted on Deck B, along with the tops of the algae tanks and circular H20 tanks which are here visible as well.

On the prow are more gunning service rooms.

This part of the deck also features various airlocks, allowing for some docking and also service of the outside if Joe needs to climb into a spacesuit and head out onto the hull.

At the top right, you can see that one of the lifts makes a long semi-horizontal move in order to come to rest outside the main bridge on Deck B.

A firefly class ship is depicted for scale.


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