Crew of the Nebuchadnezzar

6. Crew of the Nebuchednezzar 2 - Background

(L-R: Sir Morfio, Trina, Ni Yu)


Sir Morfio is a fanatic, a terrorist, and a luddite. A bit extreme even for the Browncoats, he is a member of a religious settlement on a border moon called Zion. The Zion settlers idealize their agrarian society so much that they despise the technologically advanced Central Planets for being slaves to the machine! Morfio recruits others like Trina and Ni Yu to join his terrorist faction, trains them in the martial and genteel arts and then brings them via the Nebuchadnezzar to the Core, where they infiltrate and liberate more youths to join their cult – I mean…society.


Back to my Motley Crew series with the Crew of the Nebuchadnezzar! The Matrix heroes fit quite well into the Firefly ‘verse, in my opinion.

I’ve got a sketch of the crew, including Link, coming up in their rim clothes.

6. Crew of the Nebuchednezzar 2

 The Motley Crew series started out with my desire to draw Elgyn’s mercenaries from the far underrated Alien: Resurrection. It progressed to drawing other Whedon-related science fiction characters in a style that lets them fit into the ‘Verse as established in Firefly/Serenity and has since expanded to any motley science fiction crew. My only remaining rule: the original property should not be ‘uniformed.’ (That makes them less than motley)


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