Crew of the Ramrod

7. Crew of the Ramrod - Background

(l-r Col. Avril Lu, Sir Lancel, ‘Fireball’ Hikari, and Billy Wilcox)


Sci-fi westerns may be rare, but they’re not impossible to come by! Remember Sabre Rider and the Star Sheriffs?


Cavalry Command is a showpiece squad designed to demonstrate the post-war unity of Central Planets and Border Moons. Colonel Avril Lu (leftmost) commands star operatives including, from left, Sir Lancel of Londinium, ‘Fireball’ Hikari of Sihnon, and Billy Wilcox of Lilac. In their new model ship, the Ramrod, these symbols of Alliance hegemony and prosperity pursue Dust Devils, Outriders, and other terrorists or pirates who might be likely to disturb the new peace.

7. Crew of the Ramrod

 The Motley Crew series started out with my desire to draw Elgyn’s mercenaries from the far underrated Alien: Resurrection. It progressed to drawing other Whedon-related science fiction characters in a style that lets them fit into the ‘Verse as established in Firefly/Serenity and has since expanded to any motley science fiction crew. My only remaining rule: the original property should not be ‘uniformed.’ (That makes them less than motley)


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