Crew of the Duck

13. Crew of the Duck - background

(L-R: Rebekah Cohen, Kit, Molly, Wildcat Jenkins, Cap’n Bhalu)

Spin it. Let’s begin it. Awww, yeah!


Cap’n Bhalu wasn’t too happy when a woman bought his failing shipping company, but he couldn’t deny that flying the Duck under his own yoke wasn’t getting him too many jobs, nor could his ward, Kit, bring in money with his aerial acrobatic show. Rebekah Cohen put the Duck back into the Black, paid ‘Wildcat’ Jenkins to keep her running, and brought in the clients. All that business sense and the time to devote to her daughter, Molly, too. His Yá Hǎi Yā might just have needed a feminine touch after all.


This is the second of my Disney adaptations. I have to admit, I’m getting a little light on traditional motley science fiction crews, but this isn’t that much of a stretch and adapting aliens or anthropomorphic animals is always a pleasure.

The Motley Crew series started out with my desire to draw Elgyn’s mercenaries from the far underrated Alien: Resurrection. It progressed to drawing other Whedon-related science fiction characters in a style that lets them fit into the ‘Verse as established in Firefly/Serenity and has since expanded to any motley science fiction crew. My only remaining rule: the original property should not be ‘uniformed.’ (That makes them less than motley)

13. Crew of the Duck


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