Serenity RPG NPCs (Crew-members on board the Medusa)

The Command Crew


Soren (Deck and Transportation Commander), Maximus, Joe (Captain), Tamsin (co-Captain), Hugo (Chief Engineer), Colin (Boss of Stealth Retreating during a crisis), Ingrid, S.O.B.


Karmeer (night shift Captain, Captain of Qilin, Saturday chef)

Guan (Medusa co-pilot and fighter)

Masina (Gungnir, fighter)


Derrick (Medusa, general maintenance)

Kamoran van der Helm (ex-Supernova electronics specialist)

Magnar (Medusa, heavy weapons, demolitions, drinkable turpentine and beers, fighter)

Dagmar (conventional and laser weapons, fighter- also in social committee)


Silas (Head of Security, Medusa), HK-47 (assassin droid, Tamsin’s), Jiri (Gungnir)


Mariusz (Gungnir)


Fou “Gout” (robotics- also mechanical aspect of robotics)

Hans (physics, math, geology, programming, hacking, Qilin)

Sara (counter hacking, communications, hologram, astrophysics, astrogation)

Social Committee/Morale:

Bard- unofficial involvement in social committee , some combat skill largely untested with crew

Laira- disfigured former Companion apprentice to Avalis

Dagmar- handles food details


Dani & Caleb- young adult orphans looking to build skills and find a role

Solace- security beagle

Bao- tactician and observer

Sara’s cats: Tony, Cleo, Sparkles and Sunshine. Soren has unnamed battlecat with D10 face clinging

Stalwart Steward:

Meiling and Casimiro (husband and wife with a young daughter)

workers Karen (mute), Bob and Banda

Eccentric unknown Old Man Gertrude. does things with things to accomplish things.


Hanzal Toothless Snake (leader), Gerta Swift Hawk (land vehicle repair), Kalamanu Burnt Tree (jerry rigger), Curipan Stout Mountain, Karel (tool maintenance, repair and creation)- this group strongly prefers dealing with Soren and spoil Max a tad. This group is in charge of running the deck, moving items etc

Knights of the Glorious Sun:

near fanatical

3 farmers- Billy-Bub, Paola, Miyuki- handle daily food preparation for meals but no time to cook

Serah Richard (armourer), 2 labourers (Serah Kane, Serah Kwona)

the “nobility” don’t mesh with the farmers it seems, spend no time near each other


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