The Sagitarriad


L-R, Antequeroth Elmstepper, Jinnai Halfmoor, Jak Mathom.

Many years ago I roleplayed in a mIRC chatroom called #blkdragon*inn. It was a glorious time. Freed from the set narratives of D&D campaigns and the mechanics of dice, I spent years honing character voices and interacting in the “space between adventures”. It was freeform, communal storytelling at its best.

These are three of my characters – although I mainly played Jinnai – a half-Pango bounty hunter. His close friend Antequeroth Elmstepper, or ‘Teq, was a fashion-conscious Elven ranger. They were joined by ‘Teq’s apprentice, Jak Madden (later Mathom) a halfling rogue training for a war. Jak was also a tabletop character I played later (post-war).

Blkdragon*inn had a mailing list that was a prime place for amateurish stories in which your characters took centre stage. My “Sagitarriad” stories mainly consisted of Jinnai and ‘Teq competing at marksmanship while having deep and utterly wanky conversations. They weren’t good, but they were a whetstone in which I honed my limited skills.

I’ve only recently felt good enough to draw them, and so now I can include this group shot on my site!


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