Champions of the Five Moons

I recently fulfilled my second guest appearance as GM in our Serenity RPG.  The first was an out-of-the-book ghost ship with reavers that went very well. This time I wanted to try a homebrew session based on old kung fu movies. The setting was the Five Moons, a system with a very strange method of settling political disputes – a fighting tournament!

To set the scene, an NPC from my last session showed up: Tao Jones, the punky Captain of a firefly class ship, The Tumbleweed.


Next the crew arrived at Xiangyin to pick up the itinerant kung fu Champion, Dog Brother #1.



After an attack by a rival kung fu gang, they ferried DB1 to the Five Moons, getting quite close to the old philosopher on the journey. Once at their destination, DB1 fell ill and one of the players was forced to enter the tournament in his stead while the rest of the crew deciphered the mystery of his apparent poisoning. The other four champions included (l-r) Double Monkey, Silicon Dragon, The Electric Ghost, and the Symphony of Fists.

Eventually it was discovered that DB1 arranged his own death in order to put an end to the tournament and return power to democratic debate instead of arcane fighting tournaments.

I was very happy with the session and learned a lot. I should point out however, some of the elements were not entirely original. Tao Jones’ outfit comes from a Star Wars: Edge of Empire rpg image. Dog Brother #1’s name comes from an Iron Fist comic book, and Silicon Dragon and Electric Ghost’s names are similarly derived.


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