Crew of the Jetwash

(L-R: Trey, Tagg, Leland)

After the death of Wash, three of his friends come together to purchase an ’05 Firefly. The only problem? None of them are friends with each other! The sulky Trey traditionally flies on the darker side of the spaceways, putting him at odds with nobly disgraced Alliance officer Tagg. Leland’s sunny disposition belies a desperate need to support his family in a ‘Verse lacking options for an aging pilot. With the Jetwash christened and ready for work, this crew is ready to bicker its away across the black!

The Semi-Canon Crews series follows the Motley Crew ongoing. The Firefly comics continue to be worthwhile, but I feel like they are focusing too strongly on the original crew of Serenity, who could honestly use a rest. The ‘Verse is a rich place, with many wonderful corners to explore. Why not dive in to the adventures of these semi-canon crews?