Crew of the Walden


(L-R: Lacey, Loki, Captain O.B., Stern, Billy, Jesse)

When Serenity ran out of gas, the crew of the S.S. Walden showed up just off a salvage mission from Ito moon. You might be forgiven to think they were angels of mercy, unless you were at the receiving end of Captain O.B.’s pistol! After being run off by Captain Reynolds, the S.S. Walden continued to trawl the border moons in search of salvage or other, less savoury, prey. Lacey is the first mate, while his husband Loki is the muscle. Stern flies the Walden, with Jesse as co-pilot, while Billy keeps her running.

The Semi-Canon Crews series follows the Motley Crew ongoing. The Firefly comics continue to be worthwhile, but I feel like they are focusing too strongly on the original crew of Serenity, who could honestly use a rest. The ‘Verse is a rich place, with many wonderful corners to explore. Why not dive in to the adventures of these semi-canon crews?