Crew of the Joo How Rin (Ott’s Mercenaries)

(l-r: Nico, Ott, Silas, Gowe)

Looking for a man of honour in a den of gorram thieves? Don’t look at Ott, or his mercs. The Crew of the Serenity found out to their peril that if Ott can’t outthink them, Nico can gun them down in a micro. If that don’t work, let Silas crush their bones, or let Gowe cut on ’em a little. If you manage to make it out alive, it’ll take a while for the pain to pass. You got a job to do? They’ll do it. Don’t much are what it is.

The Semi-Canon Crews series follows the Motley Crew ongoing. The Firefly comics continue to be worthwhile, but I feel like they are focusing too strongly on the original crew of Serenity, who could honestly use a rest. The ‘Verse is a rich place, with many wonderful corners to explore. Why not dive in to the adventures of these semi-canon crews?


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