4-Wind Jaguar’s Paw


Tanaraq Blackfeather

I think the second character I ever played (after Wolfblade/Aethryndel) was Tanaraq Blackfeather. He started out more of a First Nations spearman type, then quickly gained armour and a broadsword.

In this, my later visitation, he’s from the Forgotten Realms continent of Maztica. A native, he has nonetheless adopted the armour and sword of the Amnish conquistadors  from Douglas Niles’ Maztica trilogy. Unlike 4-Wind Jaguar’s Paw, he is darker and from further north.

Here’s my brother and I’s original drawing of him from when we were young teenagers (my brother often drew the body outlines and I drew the details. Thanks Dean!).

This also means my Maztican list has grown!

Soon Kadmos

I’ve mentioned the glorious days of the #Blkdragon*inn on mIRC. One of my favourite characters was the half-Xiunlan, half-Aslarian psionic monk fantasy policeman, Soon Kadmos.

Soon used his earnest good nature, intelligence, martial arts, and psionic powers to help keep the peace and justice to the townsfolk of the city of Drache. I had great fun writing police pop culture tropes into a fantasy story.

Soon also played cards with Jinnai Halfmoor and Antequeroth Elmstepper from the Sagitarriad series!


You may recall, I’ve been drawing (and reinventing) my old PCs (like Aethryndel, and the Sagitarriad).

Shadrak was a step up from Wolfblade, but he was still pretty derivative. If you haven’t seen it yet, he’s Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler, only a D&D guy? At the time, there were no tieflings, just “Diaboli“. If I were to play him today, he’d be a tiefling. This was the first “evil campaign” my group did. I don’t remember much about the other PCs, but there was an evil wizard…I think? Shadrak cavorted around with his companions, generally being awful, and he ended up taking over a country called Borderlund. I think he became a vampire at one point, too. It was one of the first PCs who sort of ‘retired’ at high level, rather than becoming a god or dying gloriously.