Hairy Man of the Desert

In the Forgotten Realms, there occasionally exists a continent known as Maztica – based on our own Mesoamerica and, principally the Aztecs. Douglas Niles wrote a trilogy about it, and D&D published a box-set. I have only read the first of Niles’ trilogy, but I was captivated by the ‘Hairy Men of the Desert.’ As I understand it, centuries ago, dwarves and drow were battling underground and came up in Maztica. The dwarves are now hermits in the desert, while the drow secret control a major sect of Maztica’s religion.

Hairy Man of the Desert3



This makes several Mazticans I have drawn so far.

Maztican Compilation

L-R is Katarina Moonbeam Striker (a tabaxi sorceror), Quetza (a Tiefling sorceror), 4-Wind Jaguar’s Paw (a human barbarian), Manolo Himaras (a dwarven bard), and an unnamed hermit.


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