Between AD&D and my high school chums, and my reintroduction to tabletop in 4th Edition (thanks to this guy), I spent many years roleplaying online on the mIRC chat program in the channel called #blkdragon*inn.

After a few years of playing Jinnai Halfmoor, Varrio, Antequeroth Elmstepper, and others, my friends and I got into political roleplay. Arangoth had been without a monarch for a while, and so we decided to create characters for a Regency Council to rule. I created Julaire Reizeau, based somewhat on French Revolutionaries, as a Professor of the University interested in the rights and powers of the people.

We had some good times, but eventually we decided to dissolve the Council and created some upheaval. Reizeau was kidnaped by reactionary elements and held hostage for a while, meanwhile the Council dissolved and one of their number was named Sithire, or Duke. Reizeau was freed, but declared himself and his ideals betrayed at the restoration of traditional feudal control and exiled himself.

I always thought I would start a storyline later where Reizeau found foreign backers and invaded Arangoth with an imposter of the long-lost heir to the throne under his sway – make a full heel turn. Never got around to it, but I had a cool name: The Castling Gambit.

Ask me about the bird!


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