The Order Immolatio – Hurtrogh and Tirinirit/Jenta Darkmoons

The King’s Questors

(L-R) Douin Starsworn, Karlen of the Elephantine Tome, Brer Framboise, Sir Horvo.

The King’s Questors were a party I made up for my comic The Doctor’s Tale. My PC at the time, The Doctor, was a villain after all, and villains needed heroes to oppose them. In this case, they were tragically unsuccessful.

I recently re-drew Douin Starsworn for my “Tompilation” of Elves.


The Doctor

The Doctor was one of my favourite PCs. He was a 4E warlock, a former plague doctor who had sold his soul for deliverance from his own mortality. He was part of the Divestiture Commission, our D&D party working for the East Empire Trading Company. I played him with this raspy voice and had all these gruesome poems to use with his spells. I maxed out his Intimidation skill and the DM was kind enough to let me use it frequently.

Unfortunately I lost some of my drawings of him in a hard drive crash, but yYou can find his origin and his conflict with the King’s Questors here.