For the second story featuring the fantasy version of the Suicide Squad, I used an episode of the amazing Justice League Unlimited. This required having a fantasy alternate for Plastique. Thus was born Surinque, who masqueraded as an elven sorceress, but was eventually revealed to be secretly drow. I have to draw one more character before I can do a team-shot of this version of the Order Immolatio, named in this instance Foreign Detail Ten (a fantasy version of Task Force X).

Halfling wizard

Finally watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and was inspired to draw a very Newt-like halfling wizard.If I were to play him, he’d be named Halfred Nimblegand.

This brings up my total of Halflings!

Pop Culture Party – The Trio

(l-r) Theodorus Rux, Knute Gamwick, Graub’khe


Gem-smuggling. Magic artifacts. Lost civilizations. If you want a name synonymous with devious plunder, the Trio is the party for you. Rux is an arcane trickster rogue with a hunger for magic items. Graub’khe is a thri-kreen ranger who has sworn a life debt to Rux. From Rillonia they travelled to Grundo to find tinker gnome Knute Gamwick and his fantastic airship. Dodging monsters and villains, the three adventure across the face of the realms seeking the hard-to-find places where treasure dwells. Only Graub’khe knows Rux’s secret – that the young Captain is actually a were-bear and a descendant of an ancient tribe, the Ulyaerph, and that many of the items they seek are in fact his birthright.


When I was a boy enchanted by stories but not yet introduced to the magic of D&D, there were a number of cartoons that excited my imagination with heroic companions, airships, terrifying villains, and lost civilizations. Its funny to think that The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin was one of those shows. Teddy himself was a member of the lost civilization of Illiops, whose home in the Hard-to-find-City was taken over by the villainous Gutangs. Grubby, the octopede, and Newton Gimmick, a human scientist, were his stalwart companions – flying Gimmick’s airship, collecting the lost crystals, and fighting MAVO and their terrifying Eclipse ship!

Background courtesy of shuttershock.

The Pop Culture Party Series follows a similar line to my Motley Crew series. Only while that nerdly rotogravure imagined sci-fi motley crews in Firefly’s ‘Verse, this will imagine various casts of adventure media as D&D characters.

Jinnai Halfmoor

I’ve drawn Jinnai before, but I wasn’t quite as proud of that one as I am of this one.

Jinnai Halfmoor, bounty-hunter, is probably my favourite PC and I never even played him in a true D&D game. He was one of my characters from #BlkdragonInn, the freeform roleplay channel  on mIRC I’ve mentioned before.

This version of Jinnai is from my series of “Horsequest” stories. In the early 00s I was lucky enough to go to school in Italy for a semester. As a result I took a break from the ffrp channel and sent Jinnai on a silly quest to recover his lost horse. This turned out to be a very fun series of stories:

In Horsequest #1 Jinnai fought off a raid on the barges he was travelling on by shooting many hobgoblins off their wyverns.

In Horsequest #2, Jinnai joined a group of freed prisoners in the Order Immolatio to fight the demon Karingaklil from destroying the city of Secca. It is from this adventure that shirtless “pirate Jinnai” comes.

In Horsequest #3, Jinnai had a samurai adventure with a colony of his mother’s people, the Nipangui, and ended up finding his horse and a new sidekick.

Horsequest #4 I never got around to writing, but was going to be a silly homage to 80s fantasy-flavoured cartoons in the desert, with versions of characters from the D&D cartoon, the Gummi Bears, the Care Bears, and the Teddy Ruxpin cartoon (more on that later).

Horsequest #5 was another adventure with the Order Immolatio to infiltrate an Alesian fortress and retrieve an armour golem.