The Vitruvian Man



Kage is the updated version of one of my teenaged characters, Shado. Get it? Like Shadow, only sounding Japanese? Ah, youth!

Kage’s helmet, enchanted to forever encase its wearer in shadow, hides a secret. Kage is a shifter, a lycanthrope. Beneath the shadow feline eyes and a tiger’s markings mar the humanity. There’s a hint in the loping way he moves, in the solitude he craves, and the ferocity with which he fights.

Shado was a rakasta, a 2nd edition D&D race of tiger-men from a vaguely Japanese setting. I don’t remember much of any of his adventures, but I do remember that I named his two katanas (two katanas, so bitchin’) tsunami and tai-fun.

Ah, youth.



I’ve already mentioned how my freeform roleplay character, Jinnai Halfmoor, was sent on a “Horsequest” while I was going to school abroad. In the installment of this series I was proudest of, Jinnai found himself in a Kurosawa-esque samurai western. The family with whom he became entangled disguised him as a full Nipangui (as opposed to his true biracial identity) and gave him the name jo-Takama-kan-Jinnai. “Jo” was a peasant prefix, Takama a family name, “kan” an infix referring to a  bowmaster guild, and Jinnai common enough that he could keep it as his first name. Since he was in hiding, his giant crossbow had to be hidden, and he relied upon hand-crossbows and daggers to navigate this bloody underworld of sectarian hate!

Jinnai Halfmoor

I’ve drawn Jinnai before, but I wasn’t quite as proud of that one as I am of this one.

Jinnai Halfmoor, bounty-hunter, is probably my favourite PC and I never even played him in a true D&D game. He was one of my characters from #BlkdragonInn, the freeform roleplay channel  on mIRC I’ve mentioned before.

This version of Jinnai is from my series of “Horsequest” stories. In the early 00s I was lucky enough to go to school in Italy for a semester. As a result I took a break from the ffrp channel and sent Jinnai on a silly quest to recover his lost horse. This turned out to be a very fun series of stories:

In Horsequest #1 Jinnai fought off a raid on the barges he was travelling on by shooting many hobgoblins off their wyverns.

In Horsequest #2, Jinnai joined a group of freed prisoners in the Order Immolatio to fight the demon Karingaklil from destroying the city of Secca. It is from this adventure that shirtless “pirate Jinnai” comes.

In Horsequest #3, Jinnai had a samurai adventure with a colony of his mother’s people, the Nipangui, and ended up finding his horse and a new sidekick.

Horsequest #4 I never got around to writing, but was going to be a silly homage to 80s fantasy-flavoured cartoons in the desert, with versions of characters from the D&D cartoon, the Gummi Bears, the Care Bears, and the Teddy Ruxpin cartoon (more on that later).

Horsequest #5 was another adventure with the Order Immolatio to infiltrate an Alesian fortress and retrieve an armour golem.