Jinnai Halfmoor

I’ve drawn Jinnai before, but I wasn’t quite as proud of that one as I am of this one.

Jinnai Halfmoor, bounty-hunter, is probably my favourite PC and I never even played him in a true D&D game. He was one of my characters from #BlkdragonInn, the freeform roleplay channel  on mIRC I’ve mentioned before.

This version of Jinnai is from my series of “Horsequest” stories. In the early 00s I was lucky enough to go to school in Italy for a semester. As a result I took a break from the ffrp channel and sent Jinnai on a silly quest to recover his lost horse. This turned out to be a very fun series of stories:

In Horsequest #1 Jinnai fought off a raid on the barges he was travelling on by shooting many hobgoblins off their wyverns.

In Horsequest #2, Jinnai joined a group of freed prisoners in the Order Immolatio to fight the demon Karingaklil from destroying the city of Secca. It is from this adventure that shirtless “pirate Jinnai” comes.

In Horsequest #3, Jinnai had a samurai adventure with a colony of his mother’s people, the Nipangui, and ended up finding his horse and a new sidekick.

Horsequest #4 I never got around to writing, but was going to be a silly homage to 80s fantasy-flavoured cartoons in the desert, with versions of characters from the D&D cartoon, the Gummi Bears, the Care Bears, and the Teddy Ruxpin cartoon (more on that later).

Horsequest #5 was another adventure with the Order Immolatio to infiltrate an Alesian fortress and retrieve an armour golem.


The Doctor

The Doctor was one of my favourite PCs. He was a 4E warlock, a former plague doctor who had sold his soul for deliverance from his own mortality. He was part of the Divestiture Commission, our D&D party working for the East Empire Trading Company. I played him with this raspy voice and had all these gruesome poems to use with his spells. I maxed out his Intimidation skill and the DM was kind enough to let me use it frequently.

Unfortunately I lost some of my drawings of him in a hard drive crash, but yYou can find his origin and his conflict with the King’s Questors here.


Iziskilanth Winterfrown

Iziskilanth was a minor character in only one or two stories I did for the #Blkdragon*inn, but I thought he was pretty cool. I pulled out my copy of the Canterbury Tales and had this incredibly aged elf speak Chaucerian English, as if he was so old he couldn’t bother to learn how people spoke nowadays.

He’s dressed very fancy, but rather than a King or Prince, he is a Librettist for famous Elven operas. Antequeroth Elmstepper, my more often played Elven ranger was also a writer and scholar, and Master Winterfrown was his mentor.

So now we’ve got quite the collection of the ‘Deepish! From Emissary Innolesse Calipor, Iziskilanth, Antequeroth Elmstepper, and Aethryndel o’ The Wolvenblade. I suppose I’ll have to drawn an Elfdame one of these days…


Varrio is the slightly updated name and design of another old PC I used to play in the #blkdragon*inn on mIRC. Varrio was mad as hell.

As I recall, his background explained the green hair – sort of. He was involved in some mysterious incident in a place of druidic power and emerged scarred all over and his hair turned emerald.

He had been a friend and roommate of Jinnai Halfmoor (as all of my PCs were generally connected, the better to write stories about them) before his madness, but generally I just played him when I wanted to be silly and crazy and have fun.

He is, as you may have surmised, based visually on Ferio from an anime I watched called Magic Knight Rayearth.

Innolesse Calipor

There was a period in my time with the #blkdragon*inn when I and my compeers got into political RP. The first exploration was with Reizeau and the Regency Council of Arangoth, but later, mostly after the Regency Council disbanded and Reizeau was exiled, I added Innolesse Calipor as an Emissary to Drache (Capital of Arangoth and home of the Black Dragon Inn itself) from Elvendeep.

Innolesse was another attempt to go against a classic archetype and create a fat elf. He was a powerful wizard, but never used his powers for anything except frivolous causes – it was his mind and his words that I was interested in.