Sometimes you need some bastards…

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The Chase

This one’s not going to make much sense unless you were there. Suffice to say our party had a crazy battle with a dragon god using our airship and magic.

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More dwarves!

(L-R) Fereya Heavyhammer, Tablun Heaveryhammer, and Harzak Skagsilad

These three are NPCs from our Rise of Tiamat campaign. They came in search of Chulain the Unerring, an exile from Citadel Adbar. The Heavyhammers are Iron Guardsmen and Harzak is a cleric of Clangeddin.

They also fulfilled my long desire to put a dwarf in a Shako hat!

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Champions of the Five Moons

I recently fulfilled my second guest appearance as GM in our Serenity RPG.  The first was an out-of-the-book ghost ship with reavers that went very well. This time I wanted to try a homebrew session based on old kung fu movies. The setting was the Five Moons, a system with a very strange method of settling political disputes – a fighting tournament!

To set the scene, an NPC from my last session showed up: Tao Jones, the punky Captain of a firefly class ship, The Tumbleweed.


Next the crew arrived at Xiangyin to pick up the itinerant kung fu Champion, Dog Brother #1.



After an attack by a rival kung fu gang, they ferried DB1 to the Five Moons, getting quite close to the old philosopher on the journey. Once at their destination, DB1 fell ill and one of the players was forced to enter the tournament in his stead while the rest of the crew deciphered the mystery of his apparent poisoning. The other four champions included (l-r) Double Monkey, Silicon Dragon, The Electric Ghost, and the Symphony of Fists.

Eventually it was discovered that DB1 arranged his own death in order to put an end to the tournament and return power to democratic debate instead of arcane fighting tournaments.

I was very happy with the session and learned a lot. I should point out however, some of the elements were not entirely original. Tao Jones’ outfit comes from a Star Wars: Edge of Empire rpg image. Dog Brother #1’s name comes from an Iron Fist comic book, and Silicon Dragon and Electric Ghost’s names are similarly derived.

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The Ghost Ship session

Last year I ran my first session as an adult, guest-GMing for my Serenity RPG.

This session was taken out of a book of Serenity adventures, with a little modding from me. First, the story-hook involved rescuing a derelict Firefly with only three survivors.


Captain Tao Jones, an old friend of one of the crew’s.

And then the shy ‘Ace’ …

…and overly forward ‘King.’


These three had a lead on a lost Independence war-era fuel tanker ship, the St. Germi. To find it, the crew had to barter for knowledge at a remote Alliance navigation satellite with a crazed exiled officer, Honest Mur:


The crew bartered their deepest secrets to ‘Honest Mur’ in exchange for nav records that led them to the St. Germi. There, Mur’s crazed warnings of ‘coyotes’ came to terrible fruition when the crew came into contact with the new inhabitants of the St. Germi: reavers!

The set-up was a lot of fun, as was the late act betrayal of Ace and King. King had immediately turned off all the characters, but Ace’s shy ways had a few of them on his side. More the fun when they stabbed the crew in the backs and attempted to take off in a shuttle. The crew managed to blow the shuttle out of the stars and make off with a fortune in fuel.

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All Manner of Comforting


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Crew of the Grand Tour


L-R (San Pan, Torankusu, Sun Wukong)


When some invaluable gold orbs were stolen from the moon of Zeta by the terrorist Red Ribbon Army, Zeta’s powerful Capsule Corporation decided to send a retrieval party out on its newest ship, The Grand Tour. The party was meant to include the teenaged heirs Torankusu and Goten, but the impulsiveness of delinquent daughter San Pan meant that the ship left without any of the adults, and instead of Goten included the young martial arts wunderkind Sun Wukong. Rather than return, the three youths decide to take the quest on themselves, flying out to the Border Moons and making their way with martial arts and moxy.


Not everyone’s a fan of Dragonball GT (Grand Tour, natch), but you can’t beat Akira Toriyama’s character designs. I changed very little in terms of clothes and colour schemes.

The Motley Crew series started out with my desire to draw Elgyn’s mercenaries from the far underrated Alien: Resurrection. It progressed to drawing other Whedon-related science fiction characters in a style that lets them fit into the ‘Verse as established in Firefly/Serenity and has since expanded to any motley science fiction crew. My only remaining rule: the original property should not be ‘uniformed.’ (That makes them less than motley)


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