Serenity update pics – Kayla, Kjara, and Talis

Season 3 of our game saw The Medusa on a deep-space salvage mission for four years. Over that time, our youngest crew members aged – allowing a chance for slight redesigns!


Kayla, now sixteen or so, has become an apprentice thief under Talis (below), leading to dark colours and a tight-fitting wardrobe that is good for disappearing into the shadows. She hasn’t forgotten her former crewmates however, and has borrowed certain elements from them for her wardrobe.

Kjara Growed up

Kjara came with her mother Dagmar and the crew on their deep-space mission. She’s now 9, with some experience apprenticing under her mother as a gunsmith. She’s also taken Magnar’s jacket! But on return to the embattled systems, she’s not going to be going into danger with us as much.

talis 300b

Talis Kasumi is a thief of some renown across the ‘verse. We encountered her in Season 1 and 2, and now that we’ve returned she’s joined the crew. She’s had Kayla as an apprentice and surrogate daughter for some years – though Kayla would insist that it is a more sisterly arrangement.