Crew of the Black Pearl

(l-r Gibbs Shian Shen, Billy Turner, Jack Maque, Elizabeth Suan, and Marty)


Luckily forestalling an unwanted wedding, Elizabeth Suan was kidnapped by desperadoes! Lovesick gunsmith Billy Turner was forced to recruit the worst space pirate he’d ever heard of, Jack Maque to help rescue her from his former crew. On the chaotic moon of Wugui, they rounded up Jack’s old comrades Gibbs Shian Shen and Marty before setting out into the black. After a harrowing adventure, the crew recovered Elizabeth and the speedy Black Pearl. Now Elizabeth has a few new goals: marry Billy; put up with Jack; and become the new Pirate Queen of the Outer Rim!


Pirates of the Caribbean lost its way, but the first film (and even the first three films) are extremely fun. Turning pirates into space cowboys took a little bit of work. One of the most fun was turning Marty’s necklace of keys into key-cards. Marty might raise some eyebrows, but he has been in four of the five Pirates movies – something few others can claim.

Look forward to the soon to come villainous crew of the Black Pearl, featuring ‘versified versions of Barbossa, Ragetti, and Pintel!


The Motley Crew series started out with my desire to draw Elgyn’s mercenaries from the far underrated Alien: Resurrection. It progressed to drawing other Whedon-related science fiction characters in a style that lets them fit into the ‘Verse as established in Firefly/Serenity and has since expanded to any motley science fiction crew. My only remaining rule: the original property should not be ‘uniformed.’ (That makes them less than motley)