You may recall, I’ve been drawing (and reinventing) my old PCs (like Aethryndel, and the Sagitarriad).

Shadrak was a step up from Wolfblade, but he was still pretty derivative. If you haven’t seen it yet, he’s Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler, only a D&D guy? At the time, there were no tieflings, just “Diaboli“. If I were to play him today, he’d be a tiefling. This was the first “evil campaign” my group did. I don’t remember much about the other PCs, but there was an evil wizard…I think? Shadrak cavorted around with his companions, generally being awful, and he ended up taking over a country called Borderlund. I think he became a vampire at one point, too. It was one of the first PCs who sort of ‘retired’ at high level, rather than becoming a god or dying gloriously.